Mobile Video Poker

Playing Mobile Video Poker Games

Video poker games have been one of the most fundamental games at land-based casinos for decades. By the 1980’s, Si Redd of Bally Gaming’s video poker machines were installed in a vast majority of brick and mortar casinos across the globe. The first video poker game was known as Draw Poker and paid out for a two-pair or better, but soon a number of video poker variations were created as most players became interested in the game.

Based on the game of 5 card draw poker, casino players of today can still play video poker at land-based casinos. However, the most popular way to play is at online or mobile casinos, which offer mobile video poker games that can be played from any internet-connected phone or tablet.

The Benefits of Mobile Video Poker

Mobile casinos are a preferred way to play video poker games with many players, and this is due to a number of reasons. Mobile video poker games are much more easily accessible than land-based games and can be carried with players to play at their leisure while at work, during travel or even while abroad.

Thus, players do not have to travel to casinos or wait for their favourite video poker machine to become available when playing online. Available to be played 24 hours a day, players need only their smartphones or tablets and an internet connection to instantly access mobile video poker games.

Video Poker for Smartphones and Tablets

As the demand for mobile casino games has grown, mobile casinos have also created their mobile platforms and games to be compatible with a wide range of mobile operating systems.

Players with smartphones running on Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows operating systems can easily find compatible mobile video poker games for their chosen devices, as can players who wish to play from their iPads and tablets.

How to Play Mobile Video Poker

Each mobile video poker game at certified mobile casinos has been created by one of the world’s leading software developers, and utilises features like the touch screens and high resolution displays of modern tablets and mobile phones.

Mobile video poker games work in much the same way as land-based video poker machines as well, so many players will be familiar with the rules of how to play. A player will be dealt a hand of virtual cards and be given a chance to discard one of them for a new card from the deck. After this, the card hand will be evaluated, and a winning poker hand will be paid out according to the mobile video poker game’s individual requirements.

Playing at Certified Mobile Casinos

Mobile video poker players can also make use of a number of mobile casino benefits when playing poker at a licensed and certified casino. Real money mobile player accounts will allow players to easily and safely deposit cash into their accounts, with which they can play real money mobile video poker. Making a deposit will also lead to various bonuses, promotions and loyalty points exclusively for real money players.

Potential players may also be able to claim no deposit mobile video poker bonuses, allowing them to try out various video poker games before making a deposit and playing for real money from their smartphones and tablets.